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My System Specs


Update : I sold the Radeon HD 5770 got an XFX GTS 250, installed drivers 260.99 WHQL, _dangtx_'s suggestion. Started to fold right away, had to decrease core clock a little from 738 to 700 for the sake of silence, after all is not my system, belongs to my gf. For the GTS 250 I have an estimate of around 6200PPD (around 6000 with decreased clocks). I also sold the 550GTX and I am waiting for the 460GTX. What can I say about the 550 GTX Ti? Fantastic performer if you are looking for games but bumpy ride with folding, at least in my experience. One day is blowing everything out of the water, doing 13k ppd, next day nothing, that is when catching famous project 6800 at least, projects in the range are eaten alive, needs manual intervention and a lot of headache which is the last thing I want right now. Might be because the card is very new, might have some unsolved issues for the folding, I prefer an older setup but stable. I am upgrading the PSU also. I decided for the XFX 650 Pro core edition, (78$ at, free ground shipping) it has 2x6 pin and 2x6+2 pin configuration so I will be able to power mostly anything reasonable. Right now I am thinking a 460GTX SLI setup but could also be a 460GTX and a 9800GX2 or 460GTX and a GTX 275 depends what I will find at a reasonable price for sale. As I said, gaming is not really on my agenda, what I am playing right now is a bit of NFSU2 (2006) and some NFS2010 and I could explore some Bulletstorm, maybe. Hoping that will serve to someone in the near future, if you have any questions ask me and I will do my best to answer from the experience I had.
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