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Default Man if I had a dollar for every "oops" someone showed me :)

I too have seen my share of "BOOM!" brought in by peeps at work. From the bridge sinks being removed "I didnt think they did anything" was the answer they gave me , to PSU smokeshow aftermaths. Even watched one personally pop, smoke and then bend in on itself under the heat -go AOpen-. A memory that takes the cake is one night at a friends we were playing Red Alert 2 -god i loved that game- thru a lightning storm -Can anyone see where this goes?- the power went out for a second then back on and my friends 15" Samtron CRT LITERALLY exploded. The housing went dark brown and gooey and the glass shattered -we got the hell outta there and then investigated later after we were sure the house wasnt burning down and my buddy wasnt mortally wounded - No pictures of what was left of those fireworx but MAN I wish I had

Most recently I myself pushed my old P5N32SLI-E a wee bit too hard, The usually under control North Bridge spiked and blew out electricals in between the PCI-X 16 slots , a lil bit of smoke and that wonderful smell told me it was a good time to start being a Sad Panda.....and I was until I flipped the board the next day and repeated my experiment with slightly friendlier voltages etc and she humms along again now at the levels listed below. I was ONLY at 3.75 *stable* so you can see why I had to go up . I can hit 4.20 -sweet- but I wouldnt ask about stability....ask the comp to spell that @ 4.2 and she chokes lol but it gets off the ground
Spectre's Specz:

CPU: Intel E6600 2.66 @ 3.97
Mem: 4G 667 @ 725 4-4-4-10 CR1
Vid: MSI 8600GTS 725\1500\2250
Mobo: ASUS P5N32SLI-E BIOS 1404
PSU: 550W Modded +2 60mm Fans
HDD: Seagate 500g 7200 32M NCQ
Case: Custom, 7 external fan
mounts, 5 internal mounts
Temps: CPU: 32 @ idle
52 @ full load
GPU: 44 @ idle
54 @ full load

Theres 13 Fans crammed in there, I have no life :)

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