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if memory serves right the x's fan doesnt quite get going till about40-50 percent load so depending on you
usage it might fit the bill

wheres that linkie...

Seasonic X Series 760W Power Supply Review Ľ Page 6 - Testing: Temperature, Noise Level & Fan Speed - Overclockers Club

The Seasonic X-Series 760W power supply cooling fan didnít really kick in until it came time to delivery half its rated power of approximately 380W. The cooling fan did spring into life when delivering 144W but it was only for short bursts of a few seconds at a speed of 500 RPM or so and only once or twice a minute. It was impossible to gain any real temperature data with this sort of fan behaviour so itís not really zero fan operation at 144W itís more like on for two seconds, off for thirty and thatís a little difficult to quantify. There is no load test between 20% and 50% following the OCC power supply testing methodology, so itís difficult to say at what point the cooling fan runs constantly but itís certainly very quiet when the power supply delivers half its rated power. The fan noise does however increase noticeably when it hits 1800 RPM at full load but this is to be expected and itís on a par with other power supplies in this class.

btw check the monster that is the 850 watter

Seasonic X-Series 850 W Power Supply Review | Hardware Secrets
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