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Default fresh install advice with revo + F90 + 2TB

Ok so finally I got myself to build my new pc.
here's the list of part currently inside -
i7-2600k cooled by Corsair H70
Corsair XMS3 ddr3-1600 7-8-7-20 4GB x 2
Asus GTX 470
Corsair HX620
Windows 7 installed on Revo drive at the moment
also at my disposal which I can use for this computer
vertex II 120GB or Corsair F90.
I already have Sata drives which I'll clean up after I extract my useful data.
I don't really "game" but times like the summer, when my 9 yr old is on summer vacation I'll load up WoW , etc so I can keep her company when she's playing. (gotta teach her how to play SC2 still)

So my question is, should I just put everything on the revo drive (O/S, productivity apps + WoW) or
should I take advantage of the fact I can use part of that as cache for the mechanical drive (which brings the question to my mind, why bother putting it on platter drive if I"m going to cache it on SSD anyways)

now another question is, I know SSD supposedly have limited i/o cycles, what about the revo drive? anything I can do to make it "last" longer (I really dont' like reinstalling my own system) lol

Any suggestion is appreciated.
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