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Originally Posted by 10e View Post
Points can sometimes drive behavior. Stanford realizes this, and I think they are trying to (not-so) gently PUSH folders back to GPU, SMP and other non-bigadv units.

In the end I am ok with it, though in the back of mind I think "Why didn't they just do this in the first place" because it would have caused less frustration and anger, but c'est la vie.
Its funny because I know Chris, Arinoth and I talked about this several times over the last year. The inflation is rediculous, and needs to be kept in check. I personally feel the entire system needs an overhaul from scratch to bring it back in line because it is that far out of whack.

To expand: It is difficult to justify the -bigadv/beta bonuses when dedicated GPU folding (across MULTIPLE clients) nets you 8-20k ppd regardless of card. IE: Folding on an 'old' 2xx series card nets you nearly as much as its equivelant version 4xx card.
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