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This is a tough one to quantify.

My opinion is that it brings things back into proper alignment, but I think it will also make a lot of donor folders pretty unhappy. Some bought some big systems with a million PPD in mind and will have to settle for something less.

Alternatively, it seems like the point totals and bonuses were spiraling out of control, and we were suffering a lot of point "inflation" lately. 6903 units were getting nearly 600K PPD on my 48-core, which is TWICE what 6901 units were getting. It became an exercise in frustration to see if -bigadv or -bigbeta should be used today to get one of those shiny new 6903/6904 units to keep up with the Joneses. Now the difference between 6901 and 6903/6904 is about 90 - 100K PPD and I can live with that.

Points can sometimes drive behavior. Stanford realizes this, and I think they are trying to (not-so) gently PUSH folders back to GPU, SMP and other non-bigadv units.

In the end I am ok with it, though in the back of mind I think "Why didn't they just do this in the first place" because it would have caused less frustration and anger, but c'est la vie.

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