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I doubt there would ever be an 8 core SB-E processor for enthusiasts. If there would be then Intel would have to make a tradeoff of lower clock speeds for the extra 2 cores. The Core i7 990x is already at the 32nm node and have a 130W TDP and SB is also at the 32nm node therefore I think an 8 core SB-E is not going to happen. Of course there are even the 10 core Intel Westmere-EX for the server side but it runs at a lower clock speed.

Intel and AMD have both different approaches on their design and Intel is monolithic type core and focus heavily on single threaded performance. AMD Bulldozer however is not a monolithic type and from what I have heard, a single Bulldozer module is almost as big as a single Intel core so AMD is able to double the core count easily.

From that it can be speculated easily that Bulldozer will have better multithreaded performance due to the presence of 8 smaller physical cores compared to 4 larger physical cores and 4 virtual cores with Intel. This approach however might cost AMD to lose out on singlethreaded performance compared to Intel. Now the question is how big of a difference would that be.
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