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quicky update....

I have started 'necking' the tank square ; Welders 'wrap' on ....

Marked : all I have to do is remove all of the material covered with black marker , and it'll be a flush , square top...


I went to my welders supply co today , There is no issue with converting my old hydrogen regulator to run N2 , so that saves me a lotta cash......18 bux got me the needed tank attachment ;


I may not be able to run the vacuum jacket 1" lines........Minimum order issues...(I don't need 200 feet of 1 and 1 1/4 inch soft copper...)

I am looking into a silicon rubber hose capable of -85 c using isopropanol....Parker Hannefin Polar extreme sw 6635.....but I may have the same issues.....we'll see which pans out.


I talked with the glass company today.

I'll be using laminated glass rather than the glass with the wire in it , for the exterior tank....

They are also helping me source the borosilicate glass (read : oldschool pyrex) that I need for the inner tank.


Lastly , I've contacted a local pump specialist about the coolant pump.This one's a bitch........a pump to run -80c alcohol might cost me a grand.hopefully not.


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