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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
I would personally vote against the MSI one only on the grounds of their CS Department's past transgressions. GB or ASUS have done much better historically from what I have seen in my times on here.
That is just me though, they do make some nice Kit, when it works 100%.

For the PSU, its a two fold scenerio really. If you plan on upgrading GPU's or Going Multi-GPU it is best to invest right away in something that will give you that kind of headroom, vs something that is on the edge. Sure, it might be overkill now but it is one less thing to worry about. Secondly, much like redlining a car I wouldn't want to be at almost peak power on a unit 24/7. It will run hotter, less efficent, and IMO reduce the lifespan of the unit. Rather try and give yourself a good buffer zone (its never steered me wrong in all the system's I've built).
PSU Calculators are good to maybe get a very rough idea on power consumption, but they are nowhere near accurate.


even if you have no plans on upgrading later on, still wiser imo to get a slightly higher wattage PSU than u need now as capasitor ageing reduces that output over the years and running at the limit makes the psu much hotter louder and more prone to death!

Not to mention, you should be looking at continuous wattage on the 12v rail rather than peak total wattage...
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