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Lightbulb Help me convert to PC gaming? :)

I've been a console gamer this generation, and never really been a PC gamer since I don't have very powerful hardware, I actually have a piece of sh** . Do I have to worry about getting into games for things like Call of Duty for example? I don't want to just play one game mode and have a certain game have like 4 people in it (I'm not a COD fanboy, I like battlefield better, I know Counter Strike and such is better too, but I like to play COD every once in a while) Is there a healthy population for games like Call of Duty? I like to play with friends on xbox live but... alot of the time no one is really on anyways, I've got people to play with on PC too.

I'm really looking forward to Diablo 3 and the new Starcraft 2 expansion and some other PC only stuff... I'm just worried about games not having enough players that i can go into a game, choose a game mode of my choice and not be stuck with half full games. :P
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