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Originally Posted by chrisk View Post
This is going to affect us big-time. Some folks who have spent big money on Bigadv will be disappointed.

I wonder if they are just having a hard time getting Bigadv units ready, or is it simply a case of folders not doing other units enough.

Naw, not disappointed - those 500-600k units we're good while they lasted. As "one of those guys" who has a folding farm full of SR2s and stuff.. as stated previously, something had to give. The bonus' were far too much imo, and it was only a matter of time before they had to drop their bonus value multiplier.

Now the question remains if it's worth folding bigadv on a 4 core/8 thread box, or just go regular SMP. I think that bigadv will probably be left to the big brusiers too, as they are the only ones to benefit from the short runs with good bonus points.

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