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Default The great case debate...(sort of)

Hey all. I can't really decide what case to get for my first build. I'm debating between the 600t SE, the NZXT Phantom and the HAF 912. I'm looking for something with good looks and that has great airflow. It needs to keep the GTX 560 TI sli config I'll get cool and I want it to fit my Hyper 212+ cooler. I might even upgrade to an H50 cooler for more OC reliability. I like the NZXT Phantom case the most for the looks. The white and red configuration looks amazing. The 600t is not bad either. I'm not too fond of the HAF 912 but if I get it I'll buy 3 red LED fans to put on the side, front and top and I'm curious to know how that would look. I wouldn't mind getting any of these cases really, so airflow and temperatures will be the deciding factor. If the Phantom has good airflow then I will get it. Without added fans how is the airflow in the Phantom, and is the LED fan it comes with red or blue. If it is blue then it will be a big turnoff because I don't want my red, white and blue case to look like a christmas tree. I know these are a lot of questions but I do want to make sure that this case will last me Thanks guys.
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