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Default Can shorting a mobo, on the case, ruin that said mobo?

this might seem like an idiotic question, but it comes only because I was building a computer at 2am, against the do's and don'ts.

I'm using a E2200 and a XFX Nforce 610i, with just some cheapo kingston 667 ram. anyways in doing testing, I like an idiot had the mobo resting on the damned side pannel, forgetting its made of steel. i know, i know, idiotic.

So, it didnt post, because i'm sure it shorted. now, I'm out of thermal paste so I cannot re-test the board untill i get more, but do you think that the board is ruined? there are no marks indicating a stong short or any damage that can be seen by the eye, so.... am I in the clear, or in need of another mobo?
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