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Default Controller Software

Controller Setup
Aquaero 5 XT Master Controller
Ch1 PA2 Fans
Ch2 D5-1 GPU Loop
Ch3 Exhaust Fans
Ch4 D5-2 GPU Loop

Poweradjust 2 Ultra Slave Controllers
Ch5 CPU Rad1 Fans
Ch6 CPU Rad2 Fans
Ch7 GPU Rad1 Fans
Ch8 GPU Rad2 Fans
Ch9 D5-1 CPU Loop
Ch10 D5-2 CPU Loop

Flowmeter 1 CPU Loop
Flowmeter 8 GPU Loop

Temp Sensors
T15 Ambient Air Temp
T13 Rad Air In Temp
T7 Internal Air Temp
T14 Rad Air Out Temp

T1 CPU Water in
T2 CPU Water out
T3 CPU Water Res out
T4 GPU Water in
T5 GPU Water out
T6 GPU Water Res out
T8 CPU Temp
T16 GPU Temp

Sample Settings screens

Aquaero screenshots

Here's a 15min Furmark run with 15min cooldown.
What an amazing piece of technology!
Reallllly quiet for normal computing and light gaming, but an absolute powerhouse when required. All seamlessly controlled.

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