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Default Problems with buying Windows 7 Ultimate

Hello, I'm building a new PC and I want to buy a retail full licensed version of Windows 7 Ultimate. I don't want OEM or any other kind of version. In my country Lithuania (Europe) it's ridiculously overpriced to $500 so I must buy it from the internet. I was about to buy it from Ebay for around $50-100 but then I figured out the truth. My friend informed me about all that region stuff. I mean most of them are "for distribution in US only" and thus the activation code is not going to work in my country Lithuania (Europe). Also I figured out that most of them on Ebay are fakes and really are OEM or other kind of versions but not the genuine retail full licensed versions. So what should I do? Tell me if I'm wrong about the region stuff. I'm really new to this stuff. Thanks in advance and excuse me for my terrible English.
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