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1 gpm is a popular goal for flow rates. Slower can still work just fine, but if you look at thermal capacities of waterblock and radiators, you can see that they loose effectiveness very quickly below 0.5 gpm, while beyond 2gpm starts to give you much smaller rates of return. Try your pump at different speeds, and see how the temps differ - a high pump speed will increase the pump's heat dump, remember.

I wouldn't wrap the pump - while most of the pump's heat gets dumped into the water, there is still a significant portion that needs to dissipate into the air. I've heard figures quoted anywhere from 10% to 30%, but it's generally agreed that having absolutely NO airflow around your pump is a bad thing, and can contribute to pump failure. Even if you don't have a fan actually going across it, simple convection can do the trick - as long as you haven't boxed the pump in.

If the tubing doesn't kink, going from mosfet to mosfet is fine. This is an area where flexible tubing can really shine, if you're trying to keep things neat. If the tubing isn't as flexible, then you'll just have to use bigger loops.
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