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i dont know enough to disagree with what you're all saying lol, or agree to it but as far as sata 2 goes, i have experimented with sata 2 non raid hdds and sata 2 raid 0 with 2 hdds, and i know from experience that using 2 disks was faster during game loading times. im not worried about gaining fps from my hdd set up cuz i am using a radeon hd6970, but i was very surprised to read that someone had said that using 2 sata 3 wd black caviar hdds in raid 0 wont do much more for loading times than a single 2tb wd caviar.. i was actually looking forwards to getting 2 sata 3 wd's in raid. im not too worried about spending the extra cash on the hdds If they were to outperform a single wd black non raid. im not sure that i want to buy an ssd now because you still have to spend 3 dollars per gig on an ssd for a good one anyways. but if i were to spend money on 2 wd blacks 2tb drives in raid, id be looking at a 4tb raid which i can get for round 300$ as opposed to a 64gb or 128gb fairly in this stage of the game cheap ssd. as far as price per gig anyways.
also, if anyone can shed some light if im off my rocker please do
a friend of mine who was really good with computers once told me that a lot of ssd's lose performance over the period of 6 months to a year, but he told me that one of the best ssd's for that would be the intel x25m or something like it, anyways im a lost case please help!
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