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Originally Posted by tianfeng View Post
I have an lg plasma from last year and I love it but the glare sucks. Look at LED and I have read great things about the sharp tv's as well. You need to read reviews and for me the most important was learning how to calibrate it well. I feel that is what sets my tv apart from my friends. There are always on standard settings and contrast is way to high blurring detail. I feel my set went from ok to great with the proper calibration.

i just bought an lg plasma
nice pic but the glare killin me

waitin on new panasonic model commin in 3 weeks

yes sky samsung went cheapo this year
maximus IV extreme @ 5.1 1.41v

evga e760 +920 4.8 water5.0+ on phase linx stable
gtx285 tri-sli
dfi ut-p35 lt
e8600@4.6 1.38v
too much ram

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