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My System Specs


I sent an email to the Tech support over 2 weeks ago, they answered saying:


Please test or check the following but if this does not help then please reply to the following questionnaire for follow up service:
- do you notice a performance issue during the day more often than at night? If the RAT is being used in direct sunlight or in a bright room, then it is possible that the additional light is causing some tracking issues. Try making sure the pinky grip is flush with the bottom of the RAT as much as possible.
- try different gaming surfaces.
- due to the nature of the RAT series, the dual x/y axis are controlled by separate lasers and what may easily be happening in this case is that the lens for one of the axis is simply being obstructed by some debris. The simple fix here would be to clean off the bottom of the RAT and make sure there is as little extra variables as possible on the gaming surface"

Then followed by questions. I answered those over a week ago and still don't have an answer from them. Such great news.

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