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I am confused and after Google around I noticed you guys are talking exactly the same matter. Please correct me if I am wrong.

From my GC first I use my DVI-D or HDMI out to Auzentech HDMI X-Tension soundcard's HDMI in.

From Auzentech HDMI X-Tension soundcard HDMI audio out to any receiver that offer TrueHD audio decoder.

From this TrueHD receiver's HDMI out video signal to the monitor.

In a nut shell, video stream from GC to this sound card. Sound card sends video and audio signal to 1st stop, TrueHD receiver. Receiver send audio to each speakers. Receiver also send the video signal to monitor. In this case, we will have HDMI 1.3 carry the TrueHD audio signals to the amp and also will sync up the video.

But before anything happens, we still need something like PDVD not downsampling the audio stream first.

so we are waiting for 2 things here. First PDVD new release, not downsampling the BD stream and second, Auzentech HDMI X-Tension soundcard in next few months, right?

also do I need the Auzen Prelude 7.1 sound card? If so, where is going to fit in my picture above?

Many thanks!
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