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Default 8800 gt problem in.....plz and thx

i am running an asrock p4vm890 with a p4 2.8 processor.

recently i tried an asus 3850 and had to send it back for temperature issues. after awhile i got an asus 8800gt.

i just tried it tonight and nothing happened. the system will for some reason will not boot at all. the fan on the card is running so its getting power. i know i have an issue with pcie1 vs pci2 and this card is pci2.. however the 3850 was pci2 ( i am told) and for the while it worked it was fine.

i set the motherboard to go directly to the pci express slot and still nothing. another funny is that the usb keyboard and mouse are duff too. i think this has to do with the fact that the system is not booting up to the point where they are powered.

i have read many posts where there are troubles with the 2 versions of pci but havent found one where the system wont boot.

could i have a fried card from the beginning.

a sidenote. when i got the card from ncix it had obviously been opened ( the box). and the seal on the static bag had also been broken. not sure what to make of that.

any udeas welcomed

thx for your patience

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