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Default Budget HTPC Build

I'm building an HTPC for my parents to use because we recently purchased a new TV, and got a whole lot of other stuff with it too such as a Samsung C6500T BR player, and Onkyo HTS3400 HTIB.

I need to build something that's easy to use because I don't live with my parents as I study out of town the majority of the year, and can't ever seem to find jobs close to home (maybe I don't want to )

My parents are really pleased with the whole new set up except for not being able to browse the internet and watch their foreign stuff from a browser on our TV. They can do Netflix and Picasa from our BR player but need an actual browser to do some other stuff. Recently my dad found out about the Boxee Box and wants it, or something very similar to it.

That's what brought me here and I want to get your opinions if this is good enough to basically do everything like streaming videos from websites that use WM player, downloading clips, streaming HD content from YouTube/Netflix, except for gaming and watching BR movies:


Apex MI-100BK - $44


Lan Li PC-Q07B - $54

Sapphire Pure White Fusion Mini - $110

It Comes with a E350 APU & Radeon 6310.

Kingston Value Ram 1GB DDR3- 1066 - $12

I have a spare drive to use for an OS installation, and I also have a spare 500GB Barracuda drive that I would use. I will probably have to get a PCI-E wireless-N adapter if we can't conveniently run a cable. I would be hooking this set up into our Onkyo receiver so it shouldn't have issues (I hope).

The only issue I'm having is with finding a keyboard/mouse that's easy to use, something the Boxee Box conveniently has. The closest thing I could find was the CandyBoard but that's really about it. I don't think my parents would want to haul a full sized keyboard and mouse around in the living room.

If this isn't that good, I will go with the Boxee Box instead, or something else based on what you guys will tell me. I don't want it to go above $200 at which point the Boxee box would be more suitable.
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