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This case stinks, I just gave one away.

In my opinion of course.

First of all, it looks great and in theory with the motherboard rotated should provide better airflow. Also finished build was as neat as my HAF-X build.

However drive cage is a POS pain in the ass to work with, the alternative mounts on the back side of the case creat hotspots for the mechanical HDD's. The drive cage area has poor air flow even if an optional 120mm fan is attached.

Finally the biggest issue is that certain heatpipe cooler DO NOT WORK when placed in a vertical position, for example my pair of reference 560Ti's which hit 68-73C in the HAF-X exceeded their thermal limits in the raven 3 and shut down the PC after less than 10 minutes gaming. Beware....

Case looks nice and neat. I have since re-purposed the case and given it to the father in law. Works fine with solid heatsinks and single hard drive. I have a HD 5670 with artic cooling hsf (no heatpipes and reference intel cooler (no heat pipes)......

This case is also loud when the 180mm fans are set to full speed, louder than my HAF-X.

Just giving you heads up.

I should have learnt my lesson from the Raven RV02 I had, but this was watercooled so did not have the heat problems associated with the heatpipes, however excessive heat built up around the top IO plate and ultimately caused one motherboard to die.

I really want to like the design, but it just has not worked well for me.
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