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Originally Posted by Rocyaic View Post
Very similar to my new build! I put it inside a Corsair 600t Graphite white edition. I've got the EVGA V6 GT cooler in the mail as we speak so i'll know how it fits. Biggest concern will be the heatsinks on my memory(corsair vengeance). Also have a 50mm fan coming for the assistant fan slot to cool the parts under the armor down. Can't help on the HD though, i just use standard ones. How do you like your EVGA GTX 570 HD? OC"d at all?
very nice case indeed...kinda reminds me of stormtrooper armor lol, i havent oc'd the card yet since i rele dont need to now. Im playing the witcher 2 on max @ 40-50fps which is imo very playable for a single player game, and bfbc2 on max with HBAO on and its runnin at like 70 fps, without HBAO it shoots above 100

im very happy with this build, and i absolutely love the mobo's armor look
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