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Apparently, Trion has decided to keep Perspice to trial players only, to keep the noobs away from the rest of us, I guess. So we are forced to move.

From the forums:
New Shard Tag: "Trial"


With today's update you may notice that several shards have been marked "Trial." These shards are the ones that we will be using for future large scale Trial programs such that they do not cause undue queues on paying servers, as we've all seen in the past. (We'll roll more info out on those new programs as their time comes.)

As always, under our current Trial program, new players remain welcome to sign up and play with their friends on existing shards, Trial or otherwise.

If you happen to be on a server that is now marked as a Trial shard, here are a few things you should know:

- For the time being, character creation is disabled for non-trial users on Trial shards.
- Subscribers with characters on them are able to transfer for free to any of the available destination shards.
- Subscribers can transfer characters of any level off of these shards (We're currently looking into an issue prohibiting transfers of characters under level 15)
- Subscribers who log into a Trial shard will be informed that they should consider transferring to a new shard at their convenience.

For more information about Free Character Transfers please see: Free Character Transfer Guide
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