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Well it's a good thing as you are confirming what I have read. Minimal optimal distance from the wall is apparently around 18" but you could get away with only 12", but the soundstage would be slightly affected, or so I've read.

I wasn't sure about which way to go about reducing the size, but my guess would have been height also, and I would never dare to reposition the drivers. I think I'll simply cut some of the top portion off. I want a rear facing port as I want them to sit flat on the ground and I'm not a big fan of the base in the original design.

Good idea about ported vs sealed to simply plug the hole if I want to go that way, seems like the easiest solution. If the current enclosure is around 100 liters (i think) I'm guessing it's safe to calculate how much to remove based on size alone ... not sure how to explain it. Volume is length x width x height. Current setup with the mid tunnels is ~100 liters (i'll look up the real number eventually) so if I recalculate the height for 80 liters, and I remove some of the room at the bottom, I wouldn't have to go in a complicated volume calculation with the mid tunnels. Don't know if I'm explaining this properly ... but for the money I'm spending on these I'll try to get some form of approval from Curt or Jim over at the HT forum.

I mean I understand how it works and how the crossover/driver/enclosure are all related together and I can very well follow a plan and build it, just don't know how to calculate all those fancy frequencies. Just feels good to be in the workshop aka garage instead of sitting in front of a computer all day ... but oh GAWD, something else to spend money on, thank god the designs don't improve/go obsolete every 6 months!
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