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The 80L size is the reduced size for the ported box using the new drivers, sealed will probably be around 50L I'm guessing but sealed box size really isn't that critical (within reason). Also it's easier to make a ported box into a sealed - just plug up the port.

You don't want to change the box physical dimensions at all so your decision sealed vs. ported shouldn't be based on that. The width HAS to remain the same as well as the drivers location on the baffle, also the depth of the box has to remain the same as since the path through the mid tunnel and around the side of the speaker has to remain unchanged. The height of the tweeters should be at the same height as your ears when you're sitting - when you're 'critical listening'. To do this you add or remove from the bottom of the box and if you need less box volume then make a false bottom inside the cab. The resulting 'pocket' in the bottom makes a very nice spot to stuff an XO into as well. Don't forget to subtract the volume that the ports, drivers, mid tunnels, extra bracing, etc from the total box volume if you recalculate the size.

I know the sealed drawing shows a smaller speaker but it's not like you're trying to reduce physical size so you can set them up on your desk like your tritrix. But those smaller cabs would require silly little ~18" stands to get the tweeters up to the proper height and those stands would have to be very sturdy as it would be a very top heavy setup. I'd just make them the full floor standers any way and add the partition as explained above to adjust the box volume. Unless you think you'll like that look then built the sealed version as per plans if you go that route.

No problem rear porting as these have to be placed about a foot at least (but more is better) from the wall anyway.

Sorry to come across as a know it all as I'm far from it. Just trying to make you aware of some of the finer details just in case you're not already.
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