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I've left my dad go through his music collection with my new TriTrix speakers and I've got him on-board lol, he's really looking forward to what the Statements will sound like, and he might want a pair also. That means he will help me equip myself with tools to handle the much MUCH bigger Statements ...sweet! New table saw hopefully !!!

I want the ported for the full sound experience, but the sealed version considerably drops the size of the thing. Since the volume of the cabinet with the unshielded 225s can be dropped to 80 liters maybe I can make something work. I'd want a rear port also so I could avoid installing spikes on it.

And thanks Vulcan since my TriTrix are basically just a copy of yours! Except I shopped around and got some T-nuts from Solen Eletronics instead of gluing regular nuts. Lowes had some small enough ... 2 for a buck fifty ... Solen has them for $.18 each.

Anyways I'll try to keep you guys updated, drivers should get here Tuesday, might start working on crossover layout tomorrow or Tuesday. When I first listened to one of my favorite singer on my TriTrix, I cried, can't wait for the big papas!
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