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Default C2D Tower extremely slow

Hello fellow Canucks,

Core 2 Duo 2.333ghz, 2x 8800gt in sli, 6gig ddr2, 1tb western digital black sata hdd, asus sata dvdrw, corsair tx650watt psu, evga 680i lt sli mobo, latest bios.

I have replaced the harddrive, fresh installed windows 7, tried removing 2nd video card, reducing ram, ran memtest86 on all ram, replaced psu with silverstone 500watt, disconnected dvdrw, have nothing plugged in but usb keyboard dvi cable and network cable. Replaced sata cable on harddrive.

None of this has helped the situation. Currently it's taking the tower 20-30 minutes to get into windows, and when it does it's slower than molasses in January.

Any helpful advice? I have a bad feeling the mobo might need to be replaced, but perhaps I am missing a troubleshooting step. I checked all the caps and non are leaking or bulged. I have also tried different sata ports on the mobo.


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