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My System Specs


Well, after running it for a few hours a few things about virtualbox. 1. It lags my system.. switching between windows takes a lot of time. 2. It substantially increased my PPD from ~42k to 56k, according to 3. It locked up my computer, twice.
In all, if I tweaked my overclock it would be more stable.. however it's not really worth it for me personally to have my box basically unusable. If I didn't install the kraken wrapper, it would probably be ok - that will be something I'll test some other time. For now, i'm back to my windows client.
I also ran the images off of my RAID0 WD blacks, the images were still really fast.

Virtualbox is a contender though, it supports up to 16 CPUs and is super easy to use. Hint - use "bridged adapters" in network config, turn off your soundcard, always use static image files for increased performance (rather than dynamic disks) and defrag your drive before assigning the virtual image disk space for best performance.

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