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Originally Posted by ADay2Long View Post
I did read up on what Curt said about the new unshielded Daytons, but wasn't aware that they might require a different size cabinet. I'm still debating on ported vs sealed as I will 97% surely build a sub in the year to come. The sealed version makes it much more .... reasonable size wise?
Sealed make integration with a sub easier but for music you might find you don't need a sub if you go ported. For HT I don't think it much matters. You'll need a sub to dig deep for the full effect on movies and integration I don't think much matters. You'll be crossing low enough that the only content down there is shit blowing up. YMMV

Originally Posted by ADay2Long View Post
And even the TriTrix are no feather weight ... both my Dreamcatcher together weight the same as one TriTrix. But I'm blown away by how much profit (the manufacturer or re-seller not sure) must make on speakers!!!!! For half the price I got 4x the performance ... granted not everyone can build speakers, just happy I can.
As DIY we're not worrying about profit margins, increased shipping/packaging costs due to weight, assembly time, trying to save a few extra $$$'s vs. quality XO parts, etc., etc.. The Tritrix are an uber budget design and at the low end of the price scale the margin isn't so big vs. commercial but it gets wider as you go up in price. There's nothing budget about the Statements!

Originally Posted by ADay2Long View Post
How do you like your TMWW ? The shape reminds me of the Mini-Statements ... but I guess that is a standard shape for a TMWW design.
I found them a little bright for my taste and had some slight issues with sibilance - the the designer did warn they were voiced to sound 'forward'. I found in the thread that someone adjusted the padding resistors for the tweeter slightly so I made those changes. So far it sounds like a good improvement for such a simple tweek - gotta love being able to do those tweaks to tailor the speakers to your own preferences! I'll be able to let them get a little loud tonight so I'll see how they do now at higher volume levels.

Originally Posted by ADay2Long View Post
Btw, if that is you in your avatar you remind me of Patrick Roy.

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