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My System Specs


I'm seeing if virtualbox is any better now, it's been a while since I tried to run a linux image on it.
Kraken is a core wrapper in linux for folding - it basically an affinity wrapper that keeps folding@home in top priority on the PC. Over time a large workunit will lose priority, and your PPD goes down. Thekraken wrapper keeps it going full tilt.
The guide for installation (plus custom kernel for folding) is here:
Ubuntu Desktop Installation Guide for F@H - [H]ard|Forum

I have virtualbox folding now, going to wait a while to see if there is a major difference in PPD here. First off, good god this is now lagging my system (see system specs). Window switching is kind of lagged in windows 7.. I set the virtualbox to a static size of 8GB on disk, and allocated 4GB of ram.

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