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Thanks for the heads up biff, I am aware these drivers are a lot more fragile than the budget Daytons involved in the TriTrix ... and at the price I paid for them I will be careful. Funny enough, Solen had W4-1337 ( <--- leet? ) for cheaper than PE!

I did read up on what Curt said about the new unshielded Daytons, but wasn't aware that they might require a different size cabinet. I'm still debating on ported vs sealed as I will 97% surely build a sub in the year to come. The sealed version makes it much more .... reasonable size wise?

Haven't found many who built the sealed version, and apparently the ported versions have more than enough bass to them. Still debating. I'll try to look into new dimensions for the unshielded version.

And even the TriTrix are no feather weight ... both my Dreamcatcher together weight the same as one TriTrix. But I'm blown away by how much profit (the manufacturer or re-seller not sure) must make on speakers!!!!! For half the price I got 4x the performance ... granted not everyone can build speakers, just happy I can.

How do you like your TMWW ? The shape reminds me of the Mini-Statements ... but I guess that is a standard shape for a TMWW design.

Btw, if that is you in your avatar you remind me of Patrick Roy.
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