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Tritrix to Statements... that's one hell of an upgrade!

I'm considering building statements too actually. I just got a set of RS TMWW 3ways up and running last week (sealed version with the Seas tweeter) since I already hade the req'd drivers and XO parts. I'm not sure I'm keeping them, more so just an experiment to see if the RS225's would do what I wanted for bass - and I think they do. I had a 3way that used RSS315's on the bottom end and the bass was awesome but got me into a lot of trouble since I usually listen to music late at night after everyone is in bed. I think the RS225's is a good compromise but they will still get the furnace vents rattling if I turn them up. However they look a little small which is another reason for wanting a WMTMW design. I'm still deciding if I want to shell out for those mids & tweets or do my own design next.

A couple words of caution or maybe just more of a heads up:
Apparently the 1337 mids are paper thin titanium and will crease of you push on them with your fingers so be gentle with them. Also from what I've read the ribbon tweeters are very fragile too. Vacuuming them of blowing air on them could tear the ribbon. I've seen people cover them up with painters masking tape to protect them during the build process. Did you read the notes regarding the new RS225-8's? Sound wise they are said to be a direct drop in for the older sheilded version that the Statements were designed around but require an adjustment to the box and tuning if you go with the ported version. The plans on Curt's site are for the RS225S-8's so you might want/need to make some adjustments. And be prepared the weight of these. My TMWW 3ways are ~60-70lbs, I hear the full size statements can get upwards of 100lbs! Probably a 2 person job to move them.

Make sure you take more pics this time! I'm looking forward to seeing them go together.
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