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My System Specs


I wrote a whole bunch of VM type stuff, but realized you wanted to run it in windows.

Yeah, I tried virtualbox on win7 home x64 and it ran like shit. I tried a few things to make it work "better", then uninstalled it. This was about a year ago or more. I haven't heard it's gotten any better though. I might give it another go soon though, we're playing with virtualization at work.. not so much the workstation type, but i'll fit it in the testbench somewhere.

Most host-based virtualization makes static routes of processors/cores used, and a few have dynamic ram setups (ESXi).. however I don't think this is where you want to go in terms of folding. You could setup two VMs on a host based operating system (HyperV and Xenserver support up to 64 cores) but you wouldn't be utilizing all the cores on one FAH workunit.. which cuts into bonus' and such.

edit: downloading virtualbox now.

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