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Default Parallels Workstation Extreme

I've been doing a lot of digging to try to find a virtual machine program that will allow more then 8 threads to be engaged at a time without spending a ton of money.

vmWare has solutions however to get 12 threads you need to spend about 2 grand, not really an option for a lot of folders (including myself).

Virtualbox has been reported by people to not be optomized for folding resulting in very poor ppd (i have not tested this).

I decided to look into what Parallels has to offer and it seems that their Workstation Extreme claims to be able to engage up to 12 threads while running in windows. I am going to try to give a test run using my 940 right now (970 wont be for a little while) and see what results it gives me. If its onpar/better to vmware big adv wu ppd then i try out 12 threads whenever i get my 970. Mind you its only a 30 day trial, it is the cheapest solution i've found down the line coming in at 400$.

If anyone with a 970 would like to test out ppd in this VM program and post it here it would help speed up the process.
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