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My System Specs


I have put about roughly 20ish Vertex2 drives into use at work and all have been good so far. Some are only a month or so old and others are as old as the vertex 2's as I got some when they came out.

Actually it might be closer to 30 of them. In addition to that I have a Corsair F60, Kingston 128GB and a V+ 128GB. All of which have had no issues, while I have had 5 seagate hard drives fail over that same time period. So really I don't see the issue people see with SSDs dying. Really I think it is more of a matter that people have spent quite a bit more on them and therefore are more upset when one does fail. As for the OCZs dying more, like AkG said they just sell a ton more than anyone else so of course you will see more people with issues.
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