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The reason you see OCZ having more dead drives than say simple: they sell a crap ton more. Even compared to Intel, OCZ sells an insane amount of drives. ALL drives are massed produced and the law of big numbers cuts both ways. In this case it means more of them die. Does it mean OCZ quality assurance is crap...nope. They just sell more. There is nothing mystical about Intel's latest. Hell its just a Crucial with custom (and slower) firmware....does this mean the Crucial M4 is also magically better than all the rest....nope. Does Intel get first dibs on the highest grade NAND, yes (as they do own a controlling share in it). Does this reduce dead drives for them?... to a certain extent yes. But the controller is the most fragile part in a SSD (WRT short term deaths), not the NAND. The amount of NAND OCZ buys means they too also get first dibs. They are the 800lb gorilla in the SSD world right now. Will this change next gen...who knows, but where they own Indilinx....I doubt it.

Honestly, when picking a SSD DONT look at the label on the outside first. Pick your budget, then your size, then your controller and THEN your brand. If brand A is a couple bucks more than brand b and you like brand A more (maybe they have better CS) then yeah sure go for it (peace of mind IS priceless). BUT dont go "oh that is brand XYZ they are the greatest". Shite can, does and WILL happen. Doesnt matter what brand it is. I have killed so many SSDs its not funny. I have killed so many HDDs that I have not only lost track but dont want to even think about it, but I know that after a couple weeks (and testing) that a SSD that i consider "good" should last longer than if it was a HDD that I considered "good". YMMV :)
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