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Default New Keyboard Time

So my lovely Everyglide DKT keyboard is showing its age.... The paint on the "A" key started wearing off long and now it seems I've broken my "W" key (it pops out completely) - guess I've been playing too many FPS games, haha.

So! I'd like a few suggestions for a replacement. Here are some "likes" and "must haves" as well as a few questions:

Must Have:
- Durable, not cheap feeling
- Not huge

- Backlit
- No Numpad or very small numpad
- Red theme or backlight, or white. NOT BLUE (for once, haha)

1) IF I decide to get a mechanical keyboard, I dont want something thats loud.... like at all. Is that even possible for mechanicals? I've never used one since ye olden days, but I always remember them being annoying. So, can I get a SILENT mechanical keyboard?

2) Has anyone used the Thermaltake eSports keyboards? If so, what are your impressions? I've been looking at this one: Buy THERMALTAKE [MEK007US] Thermaltake eSports Meka Mechanical USB2.0 Gaming Keyboard Ultrapolling Cherry Black
there's also this one (backlit but not mechanical): Buy THERMALTAKE [CHP001US] Thermaltake eSports Challenger Pro USB Gaming Keyboard Red Backlit With Cooling Fan

What do you think HWC? Lemme know your thoughts!
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