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My System Specs


TBH everyone I know with any OCZ drive hasn't had a single problem with them. I don't question that an abnormally large amount of these drives die for some people, but in my own personal experience, in contrast to yours apparently, I've never see one die.

I will admit the whole "panic lock/panic mode/engineering mode" thing is ******* ridiculous.

Edit: And after looking it up too I see a lot more places blaming the SF-2200 controller as opposed to OCZ. Are there any other consumer SSDs even using the SF-2xxx series right now?

Edit2: Oh look at that, the Corsair Force 3 series uses SF-2xxx controllers, and they're having fucktons of problems as well. At least Corsair admitted it. Still doesn't make it OCZ's fault that the drive sucked. Just that OCZ won't admit it.

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