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Originally Posted by Jebusman View Post
Wow, how did you snipe that out?

But still, it doesn't surprise me that on a "hardware enthusiast" forum that people would have SSDs die a little more often (or, you know, at all) than the average users. We're looking at the vocal minority. Stuff dies.

And Ctech, you were being an asshole to them then expected them to wipe your ass for you. No wonder they wouldn't help you.

Edit: Wait a second.

Ctech, those drives wouldn't happen to be the ones in your BST thread would they?
Hey, don't bash what you don't know. That's what friends are for! I got my buddy at CanadaComputers to give me another drive, and he's giving the dead one back to OCZ (if you actually took the time to read my thread and not just one word, you'd see I said it's not for sale until I get it working). Anyways, that's a sidetrack.

We don't hear as many people complain Intel SSDs die. That's why I'd recommend them over OCZ. Have you seen CanadaComputers' stock of Vertex 3s? It's nearly gone, and it's not a special order or EOL item, they've been doing a lot of exchanges for dead drives.

They're good drives, no question. But it's like a bomb: really powerful, but if you mess with it, it'll blow up in your face. No question the Intel drives are slower than OCZ, but much more reliable.
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