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Originally Posted by Chalaska View Post
You mean the AMD AM2+ 7850 BE system?
Yes. One of my HTPC's runs a athlon II 445 IIRC with on board 3xxx graphics and plays blurays perfectly. TBH probably the smoothest running of my 3 HTPC's, the other two being C2D's. On paper the AMD is the lowest power machine too.

Originally Posted by Chalaska View Post
The i3 system is what I'm looking at building.
I know. What I'm saying is that what you have is fine for HTPC duties (which I would consider just playing media... movies, music, etc). Any step up won't do anything better on the HTPC side of things but if you need it for gaming then go for it. My only advice is to pay attention to cooling solutions. Silence is a big priority for an HTPC. And FWIW I use corsair PSU's in my HTPC's for that reason. I don't know how quiet the PSU you have picked out is but all 4 of my corsairs (2x400W 1x450W and a 650W) are dead quiet.
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