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My System Specs

Default New HTPC or PS3?

Alright so I've been doing some consideration and I've come to think it's time to either drop my HTPC & get rid of my xbox and just get a PS3 to handle my media/gaming needs or I've also considered building a completely new HTPC, one that can support a full size GFX card.

Here's my current HTPC:

Motherboard: M3A78-CM
Processor: AMD Athlon X2 7850 BE
Case & PSU: Inwin BL631 Low Profile Case
HDD: 1TB WD Green
Video: ATI Radeon 4350
Ram: generic 4gb
CD/DVD: Blu Ray Drive (LG)
Wifi: Wireless N

Basically I have this and an XBOX 360. I never really play my Xbox 360, but I'm starting to get more into some games, mostly steam games for now but I wouldn't mind playing them on the PS3 either. I have a controller for my computer so games aren't that difficult to setup for a controller, so an HTPC wouldn't be a big issue. One thing though is to upgrade to a better HTPC, after selling my current rig & xbox I'm probably looking at spending $300+, whereas if I go with the PS3 I'd actually end up with some money in my hand to buy some good games. I already have a powerful PC in my room with a TB of space and can easily stream video from it to the PS3 so I'm thinking maybe this would be best.

Opinions would be appreciated.

Current HTPC I'm looking at building:

Case: Silverstone GD05B Black
Motherboard: P8H67-M LX Rev 3
CPU: Core i3-2100
Ram: Ripjaws X Series 4GB
HDD: 1TB WD Blue
PSU: 600W ModXStream Pro
GPU: EAH6850 DirectCU Radeon 6850 1GB v2

Not planning to OC the CPU or do anything too crazy. I figure this media system would last me a few years, I've owned the previous one for 2+ years now. Time to upgrade! Also I'm curious if it would be worth it to switch to the intel system or just keep me AM2+ system and buy a Phenom II x4 955 BE instead? Assuming the board supports the Phenom II
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