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Default My WC system to be expanded...critique requested

I came to you guys because SLIzone is dead recently

OK, so I have water cooled just my CPU for now:
- D-TEK FuZion (beast) CPU block
- Thermochill PA120.2 (beast) radiator (must...make...shiny)
- Scythe Ultra KAZE (beast) fans loud on full, silent on low
- Alphacool AP1510 (beast) pump

Below are links to big pics of the rig...sorry for the messy wires; when spring brake comes, the dremel shall meet the motherboard tray (MWUHAHA)! The last pic is my rig on air.

As of a few months ago, my eVGA 680i board fried (5th time) and I have been using an ASUS P5N32-E SLI board, and by god is it dumb. Doesn't overclock for some strange reason! I reached 3.6GHz on the quad core with the eVGA board; I can't stand running @ 2.4

Thanks in Advance

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