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My System Specs


Originally Posted by terrybear View Post
What you espect ? It's intel ... Has there company ever shown that it does stuff to benefit the consumer in backwards or forwards compatibility? Nope, there all about the profit. Everytime they change a platform/series your gonna have to buy the cpu & motherboard to do so.

Don't be suprised that the mainstream intel parts ala Core i7 2xxxk socket 1155 platform remain what peaple buy, cause the enthusiest platform is going to remain absurdly price.
I was hoping that lga 2011 release would be in the same ballpark as the 1366 release. Nothing more or less. 1366 was not reserved for extreme chips for the most part.

But yes..Intel is brutal when it comes to platforms. Too bad their stuff does what I want it to much faster than AMD's stuff (I don't want to thread crap..if you want to get into my comment PM me or new thread )
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