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Default quick help with chosing ssd(need to buy today)

howdy everyone.

ive looked on the forums for a about an hour (the boss dint like it too much lol)

my SSD an old OCZ agility series 60gig, when caput last night, trying to rma it, anyways

i need to buy a new one to replace it (installed windows on a raid 0 array and cant believe how slow it is...)

unfortunaly my budget is tighter then a ... well wont mention it lol.

I got about 150-180$ was hoping to find a good 120gig if possible.

ncix as a couple drives on sale atm :

Corsair Force Series 115GB 169$
OCZ Vertex 2 Extended Sandforce 120GB 189$

know there not new models but being poor atm(apparently even new car will suck up cash! i really cant push the 200$ limite without some collateral damage!

any advice or other suggestion? after 1h of messing with windows on the hdd`s i said hell no i need a new ssd now! lol


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