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There are already too many consoles. Trust me.

Xbox, Xbox360, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Nintendo DS, Cell Phones ( yes they count, big money ). A common console would rule all, but its very unlikely to happen. The only people that really want it are game developers, and the answer is generally a resounding " tough shit " kind of thing. To some degree console competition is a good thing, innovations like the Wii, may not have happened without this competition.

I'll agree that this ' exclusivity ' is bullshit though, I'm sick of games coming out for all the consoles but not a PC. When you can be GUARANTEED that it was running on a PC at some point in its development. The main reason is the fact that PC games are often pirated, and sales are extremely low. At the same time, they do very little to stop people pirating it, when they release it a year later and its not new content anymore.
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