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Default Looking for a new mouse

Seems my Lachesis is starting to suffer from a middle mouse button failure (again..this is the replacement mouse, first mouse lasted until just before the warranty ended on it before it started going on me) so, barring it being a dust buildup (I'm going to have to take it apart soon to check for sure) I'm going to be on the look for a new mouse.
things I'd prefer/liked about the lachesis:
1) weight- it's not a heavy mouse (by my feel)
2) size/design- it's been comfortable for me to use, not too big, not too small

I don't need a million buttons (I rarely used either of the shoulder buttons on either side, I've recently re-mapped a universal scroll to one set of the thumb buttons because of the failing middle click)
anything I should look at in a similar price point to the lachesis?

I've tried a firmware update- did nothing for me
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