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True. I'd actually recommend putting the vendors and their products in the two back rooms while moving the competition to the front computers. Granted, that means there will be less "walk through" for certain parts but it will also stop a bottleneck from happening.
I'm not sure I will have a vendor showcase like I had before. I mean, did seeing that huge table of Giga boards make people go out and buy them? I think cool demos like the LN2 and Watercooled PC have more impact on customers. I think I should use all the space I can for gamers and their PCs and have demo stations around the store so people can see and try different stuff. Anyway, its all just ideas at the moment.

Oh he can nuke another 2500K.
Well at least it will be my CPU he's blowing up this time not yours!

WC will step on board for this one. YOu have my number if you want to discuss.
Yes I do. When I get a few more details hammered out I will drop you a line or give you a call.
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