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My System Specs

Smile Should I wait for Socket 2011 or Bulldozer?

Hey all, I need some advice. I want to build a gaming computer, I want to be able to play all games maxed out in 1080p... at 60 FPS you know all that jazz, and I was wondering... should I wait for an 8 core bulldozer? or one of the new LGA 2011 Sandy Bridge CPU's? Or, should I just buy an i5 2500k, or i7 2600k? Will waiting result in any benefits? I plan to overclock the CPU quite a bit, and I've heard the new Sandy Bridge models aren't going to be made for gaming, and gaming is what I'm going to be doing, not video encoding... or anything like that I just want a gaming machine! I'll probably have GTX 570's in SLI or a Single GTX 580, along those lines.
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